Easiest Ever Disney World Restaurant Savings Hack

Savor Sweet Savings at Four Popular WDW Restaurants!

Chocolate Extinction dessert at T-Rex Restaurant located in Disney Springs ©️Disney

Who doesn’t love a great meal while on vacation, especially while at Walt Disney World? After all, you’ve spent weeks (at least) researching all aspects of your trip in advance and even booked your reservations months ahead of time just to make sure you were able to get all of those dining experiences you’ve dreamed of. If you aren’t using the dining plan (and it’s currently unavailable but will hopefully make a return sooner rather than later) and will be paying out of pocket for meals, you certainly will want to minimize costs as much as possible, within reason. Today, I’ll share with you a couple of super easy hacks that will definitely save you at least 10% at four of Walt Disney World’s popular restaurants!

Have a wild time at two Rainforest Cafe locations at WDW: One located at the entrance of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park,
the other at Disney Springs. ©️Disney

Both of the tips and tricks I’ll share with you all today are for use at Landry’s restaurants, in general. Walt Disney World has four Landry’s restaurants (who knew?), with two in Disney Springs and the other two located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. You can find Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex Cafe at Disney Springs, and another Rainforest Cafe location at Animal Kingdom park along with Yak & Yeti Restaurant.

Pro tip: Lines long at the main entrance of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park? Use the “secret” entrance at the Rainforest Cafe!

Trick #1: Become a Landry’s Select Club member

Landry’s offers a loyalty program that offers some pretty sweet perks and rewards. Earn one point for dollar spent on eligible food and beverage purchases in their restaurants. Once you earn 250 points, you’ll a $25 reward to use on your next visit to a Landry’s restaurant. One of my personal favorite perks is the priority seating: Long lines? No reservation? No problem! You’ll breeze past the long wait times as a Landry’s member and often get seated at the best tables in the house, to boot. Prime examples: We were seated right beneath the aquarium at the Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom on a particularly busy day. One visit to the Aquarium restaurant in Nashville (non-Disney location, obviously), we were able to bypass a 30+ minute wait AND get a prime table location. Pretty sweet, indeed!

There is a $25 fee to join Landry’s Select Club, but you’ll get that refunded to you in the form of a $25 reward to be used on your first visit. You’ll also get $25 during your birthday month–just make sure to use it before the 15th of the following month before it expires. Visit the Landry’s Select website for full enrollment details.

Discounted gift cards can be your key to BIG savings!

Trick #2: Save at least 10% with discount gift cards

If we’re treating ourselves to a meal at a Landry’s restaurant at Disney World or elsewhere, we always bring along a discounted gift card. Save at least 10% on Landry’s gift cards by buying them on Raise or Cardpool! Once you stack the savings of any other rewards, such as birthday or new member bonus, you’ll really start racking up the savings.

For example, after becoming a Landry’s Select Club member, I had a $25 new member reward plus a $25 birthday reward (strategic timing was everything in this case!). To maximize savings, we paid the bulk of remaining balance of the meal with a discounted gift card. Since I had to pay $25 to join and received $25 back as a sign up bonus, that sort of breaks even but I considered it a savings in the bigger picture.

If you’re planning on visiting T-Rex Cafe, Rainforest Cafe, or Yak & Yeti, I think this hack is a total winner! What do you think?

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